Every year computer companies develop new and even better models of laptops. There is need to always develop as the world is always changing and for you to remain relevant you better change with it. Hence at the end of the year, it is always a matter of contention about which particular model was the best. However, at the end of the day the best will always have an edge over the others and hence there will always be a winner for the best laptop produced at a particular year.

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It has been claimed more often than the best laptop in 2017 was the hp specter x360. This laptop is claimed to actually have a Midas touch. For a laptop to even be considered in the class of best it has to have the best features around.

This laptop has the best features on the market and they include the following. This laptop has a wonderful design with 360-degree hinges which enable it to be superbly flexible to meet the customer’s demand. This laptop has been built with Intel core i7 in addition to being eight generation processors. Furthermore, it is built in with good and fast speed considering it has an 8GB RAM. Simply this laptop is the real deal, imagine its that captivating and we have not yet talked about the inbuilt space. To reiterate on its status of being the best laptop in 2017, it comes with a hard disk of 1 TB which provides the user with a wonderful experience as it is ample to store even heavy files.

In addition, this laptop offers a great display of a 4k resolution making it an absolute need for media lovers. Behold it has Intel HD5500 graphics to complement a 256GB. To top of all that this laptop is quite cost friendly to the user. So generally it would be prudent to say it offers good value for your cash.

In conclusion, my advice to anyone who is thinking about buying a laptop, this is the laptop for you. Actually, the experts have termed it the best laptop in 2017 and have always backed it up with the necessary facts.

Written by: Neptuneworks

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