You use your bathroom and shower every day, sometimes twice a day or more. If you kitchen is the heart of your home, the shower and bath must be the lungs. Breathing fresh life into you on a cold Monday morning with a nice hot shower.

It makes sense then to have a bathroom and shower that is pleasing to use and pleasing to the eye. You want to create A Great Shower in your home!

Whether you want your shower to ‘wow’ you every morning or you desire a calming open-spaced retreat in which to bath every morning, the right style and design will get you there. Following the general style rules and choosing fittings and products which match, you can great a truly beautiful shower.

Today we are going to talk about three common, yet attractive, bathroom architecture styles;

Modern style
Victorian style
Country or farm style
Modern style

Lots of glass both transparent and mirrored with sleek simple design are the hallmarks of a modern style bathroom. Sometimes clinical at first glance a modern feel bathroom will give the feeling of space, cleanliness, simplicity and elegance.


Key bathroom characteristics;

Sleek lines – horizontal and vertical
Simplicity – less details
90 degree angles for different materials
Machined or manufactured materials
Light color – creams or whites
Stainless steel & chrome fixtures and fittings
Large glass mirrors, unframed

Victorian style

Victorian style takes its name from the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). The Victorian era ushered in many improvements to the home bathroom such as indoor toilets and running hot water. With new gas lighting introduced as well it was truly a golden age for shower and bath design.

Key bathroom characteristics;

Ornate or over the top detailing
Darker bold colors – contrasted against white
Gold or brass finish for fittings
Free standing bathtub – heavy with ornate clawfoot feet
Large light fixtures – almost chandelier like
Basin unit with exposed pipes – rather than cupboards below
Large mirror with intricate frame design in gold or brass finish
Marble walls or floors
Wooden panelling

Country or farm style

Inspired by the country homestead out on the farm, country style bathrooms use natural materials, lots of space and basic fittings to give a warm and homely feel. Accented by stone or wood features a number of country style bathrooms will also use flowers or vintage style accessories to bring the bathroom style together.

Key bathroom characteristics;

Open space
Natural materials – wood, stone & granite
Warmer colors – browns, reds, yellows & creams
Simplier design with less clutter
Rustic finish to furniture and fittings – unpolished
Stone or unmanufactured wood wall features
Exposed wooden ceiling roof beams
Pattern designs – for tiles, wallpaper or shower curtains

Where to start to find your style?

Whichever style you’re looking for your bathroom and shower you need to be able to source the right shower fittings, whether you’re after a rainfall shower or a Handheld Shower Head. Online is by far the best way to start looking for a new shower head. There are so many reviews and guides, it saves you time and hassle. A good place to start is by reading some reviews online of shower heads. Use the product pictures and reviews and you’ll find it easy to create your unique shower style. Visit homepage for more..